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Simplify the way you cup coffee. Organize your samples with robust management tools. Visualize each coffee with beautiful reports and flavor wheels.


Organizing Your Samples Has Never Been Easier

Let Tastify become your sample database manager. Recapture time to focus on the important stuff - like connecting with your customers.


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Cup together in person or across oceans.

WIth Tastify, you can cup with teammates, clients or anyone - anywhere in the world and in real-time. Store all your cupping data in the app and share notes effortlessly.
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Keep records of all of your cuppings. Never lose track of a coffee again.

Recall every detail about that great coffee you cupped with two seasons ago - and see how it’s doing now. Use Tastify’s search, sort and compare features to sort your coffees from scores and flavor profiles, to producer groups and harvest years.
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Engage your customers with stunning visuals.

Tastify turns your cupping notes into beautifully designed flavor wheels that make it easy for both you and your customers to know exactly what a coffee tastes like - at-a-glance.
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“With Tastify™ we can calibrate on much more than just cupping scores. This spectacular tool allows us to describe and share our coffee profiles, and transforms numbers and sensations into images. This brings coffee quality control into the 21st century.”

"Tastify™ is an incredible tool for all the people in the industry, not just QC but also for those who are just starting and roasters. Easy to use and easy to share. Very professional report!"

"Tastify™ is an affordable tool to help me assess my clients and to present my ideas with beautiful visuals. It also has an immense potential to help anyone learn how to cup!"

"Tastify™ is the perfect way to standardize cupping and allows for non-traditional cupping to do it right and objectively"

Luiz Rodrigues

Owner, Fazenda California

Yimara Martinez

Q-Processing Program Manager, CQI

Sara Morocchi

Founder, Vuna Coffee Rituals

Mike Ebert

Founder, Firedancer Coffee Consultants

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