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Join Tastify at the Re:co Symposium 2023

Dear Coffee Professionals, Enthusiasts, anyone in between, and most importantly, Tastify users,

We are thrilled to announce that Tastify will be sponsoring the Re:co Symposium 2023 in Oregon Portland on April 19-20. As a proud sponsor of the event, we will be supporting the event’s sensory experiences for two consecutive days, featuring our newly developed cupping app with SCA’s latest cupping form in beta version - the same cupping app that has helped coffee professionals worldwide to perfect their cupping skills.



Join us at the event and find our Head of IT, Oscar Magro, who will demonstrate how to best utilize the app with its newest cupping form and some other latest features! Don't miss out on this exclusive chance to experience the full range of Tastify's features and capabilities with the maker himself! 






Also, please reply this message if you’d like to schedule a meeting with Oscar himself. To learn more about the Re:co Symposium 2023, please visit their website at recosymposium.org. Can’t wait to see you there!


Best regards,


Ivan - Product Manager


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