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Increase Accessibility

 Tastify makes the complexity of coffee cupping and tasting more accessible to new audiences and is available in multiple languages.

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Build Connection

 Tastify creates a common understanding of how a coffee is interpreted, making it possible for transparent and efficient communication across the supply chain.

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Environmental Impact

 Tastify eliminates the environmental footprint associated with using and storing paper cupping sheets.

Hundreds of professionals rely on Tastify 

for coffee sample data organization - at work and at home

"Tastify™ is the perfect way to standardize cupping and allows for non-traditional cupping to do it right and objectively"

Mike Ebert

Founder, Firedancer Coffee Consultants

"Tastify™ is an incredible tool for all the people in the industry, not just QC but also for those who are just starting and roasters. Easy to use and easy to share. Very professional report!"

Yimara Martinez

Q-Processing Program Manager, CQI

"Tastify™ is an affordable tool to help me assess my clients and to present my ideas with beautiful visuals. It also has an immense potential to help anyone learn how to cup!"

Sara Morrochi

Founder, Vuna Coffee Rituals

“With Tastify™ we can calibrate on much more than just cupping scores. This spectacular tool allows us to describe and share our coffee profiles, and transforms numbers and sensations into images. This brings coffee quality control into the 21st century.”

Luiz Rodrigues

Founder, Fazenda California

"Tastify™ has incredible potential to solve many problems of small-to-medium coffee enterprises!"

Joshua Jagelman

Managing Director, Yunnan Coffee Traders

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