Why is Vietnamese Drip Coffee Delicious? Here are the 4 Reasons!

Are you a coffee connoisseur who loves every detail of the brewing process and wants to enjoy a coffee cup longer than usual? Vietnam drip coffee may be your favorite. Why is that?




Relaxing Brewing Ritual

In contrast to other coffee techniques, which sometimes put forward a short brewing process for coffee, the Vietnam drip promises more of a pleasant experience of enjoying the brewing process. How every coffee extraction falls into the cup, drop by drop, gives us experience in each brewing process. Prepare everything and thoroughly wait for the coffee extraction to fall into the cup. It's fun to relax or enjoy it in the middle of a conversation and let the extraction on the Vietnam drip start to give an aroma in each brewing process.

More Exciting Served with Milk

At its origins, Vietnamese drip dishes generally use dark-roasted coffee beans with a strong flavor character. They also always serve coffee using sweetened condensed milk or sugar to balance the taste characteristics, making the traditional Vietnamese coffee dish attractive, and many want to try it.

Relaxing Coffee but Still Elegant

If people in Vietnam use more coffee beans with strong taste characteristics, it doesn't mean we can't brew coffee with light coffee beans. Vietnam drip can always be relied upon as a companion for reading books or other activities. The simple brewing method allows us to do other activities. After you pour all the boiling water, let the Vietnam drip drop by drop the results of the coffee extraction.

A Delicious Way to Drink Strong Taste Coffee

For some people looking for a high caffeine content but want to avoid enjoying the unfriendly character of the strong coffee beans, serving Vietnamese coffee provides a pleasant taste after being combined with sweetened condensed milk. If you want to be active all day, there's nothing wrong with trying Robusta coffee with a touch of milk to balance the taste.


Vietnam Drip Dish Exploration Variant



Vietnam drip is, of course, also perfect for you to explore! What are they?

Vietnamese Egg Coffee

To explore Vietnamese coffee dishes, you can add egg yolks to our coffee dishes. The eggs used are the egg yolks, and then the egg yolks are put into the cup along with the sweetened condensed milk, waiting for the extraction results to drip, then stirred, and the Vietnamese Egg Coffee dish is ready to be served.

Vietnamese Ginger Coffee

There's nothing wrong with trying a coffee dish using a Vietnam drip by adding ginger. The character of the ginger flavor, which is so exotic, adds to the impression that the taste of our coffee is more attractive. It's not too difficult to make, just like the usual brewing method using Vietnam drip, but adding ginger pieces to the cup in the finishing stage. How do you want to try this coffee dish?

Easy Brewing Method

Vietnamese drip coffee is synonymous with solid taste characteristics because it generally uses Robusta coffee, and the brewing concept supports it.

  • Pour the coffee powder into the Vietnam drip mat, then attach the filter and press it.
  • This pressure aims to compact the coffee grounds so that the poured hot water will touch the coffee grounds longer.

You can adapt the method and find your favorite way to brew Vietnam drip. You can replace it with Arabica and adjust the grind and suppression of the coffee grounds.

Love every brewing process, then Vietnam Drip will show the attractions of coffee extraction drips worth seeing. For coffee lovers, these extraction drips are a sight to behold.


Variation of Vietnamese Drip Brew



In several areas in Vietnam, brewing with a Vietnam drip has variations during the brewing process. For example, some add other ingredients, such as spices, to the coffee grounds or use sweetened condensed milk; some even add salt to the coffee. Most commonly found in Vietnam, it's usually a strong Vietnamese coffee blended with sweeteners. There is no issue with serving hot or cold, but the Vietnamese take great pride in their strong black coffee mixed with sweeteners. If Vietnam drip aims to brew Arabica coffee synonymous with a comfortable taste and light texture, some Vietnamese people need to recognize it as Vietnamese coffee.

Vietnamese Coffee with Savory Salt

An interesting thing in central Vietnam is salty coffee, a Vietnamese milk coffee dish with a delicious salty foam coffee surface. Curious about how to make it? Like in general Vietnamese coffee brewing, you make milk coffee first. Then prepare a mixture of sweetened condensed milk, non-dairy creamer, and salt, then shake everything. You will then pour the foam resulting from this shake into Vietnamese coffee, and it is ready to be served. The coffee has a robust, sweet character and savory salty.

The Story of Serving Coffee and Tea From the South of Vietnam

Vietnam is synonymous with serving coffee with Vietnam Drip brewing, but in the southern part of Vietnam, there is an exciting serving of iced coffee. We need to find out how they brew it. However, the literature explains that a pot of tea accompanies this iced coffee dish, and it seems very popular with the coffee community there. What's unique is that when this pot of tea runs out, you can ask for it back for free. Some coffee connoisseurs sometimes mix black tea and coffee to produce a trà lai drink. 

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