Need to Save Money on Coffee? These Tricks Will Help You!

If you feel like you've been going to coffee shops too often and want to change your habits, you can read this article to help you! Even though it's hard not to go to a coffee shop, you can try to reduce the routine. For example, change the habit of drinking coffee daily to a coffee shop only 2x a week.

Save Money by Manual Brewing


Manual brewing is the most economical and simple way to drink coffee. The concept is only to bring together brewed water with coffee grounds with specific brewing methods, such as french press, AeroPress, pour-over, and others.

You can invest in a coffee tool or two for a long-term coffee routine. Imagine an Aeropress for 40 dollars you can use for life until it breaks. Then you can buy a bag of coffee beans, say 200 grams, for 1-2 dollars. You use 10-15 grams for every brewing. How much can you save if you have to pay 2-3 dollars for one cup every time you go to a coffee shop? Even though investing in a coffee machine feels so heavy, you can feel the savings in the long term. Another advantage is that you can hone your coffee brewing skills so that the coffee is of higher quality, right?

Choosing Coffee Equipment As Needed To Drink Coffee at Home

The essential tool for brewing coffee at home is a manual or electric home grinder; adjust it to what you need.

Furthermore, in the beginning, you may choose the coffee tool you want or the one that can create other variations of coffee, such as an espresso maker without electricity. Understand your daily coffee-drinking needs, make a list of what you want to have, and consider which ones are the most important, not the most critical.

Look for Alternative Coffee Equipment Brands According to Budget

Everyone dreams of having a well-known brand of coffee equipment because of its good performance, and the consistency of coffee servings is guaranteed. Make sure the coffee tool fits the budget but still produces a flavorful coffee dish because of the excellent performance of the instrument.

Buy Coffee Beans from a Local Roast House

In this case, we need to save money, and local roasteries need to make money. So, it's best to buy coffee beans from them. Some coffee shops sell coffee beans roasted by themselves and from other roasters. By purchasing coffee beans, we save quite a lot. And, of course, still helping the local coffee industry.

Sharing Coffee Beans

We often do this bean-sharing with some friends. So if we want to buy two different single origins and save money, we usually do beans sharing. We divide two types of single-origin 250 grams of coffee into two - not bad for money saving, and we already got two different types of coffee. So the coffee is economical, and at the same time, you don't get bored drinking the same coffee over and over again.

Making Super Simple Coffee Recipes

When the boredom of the same coffee hits, we usually make a simple coffee recipe, and the ingredients are generally already in the fridge. You can create lime, lemon, spices, milk, and fruits with coffee. You can find the formula anywhere on many blogs and social media!

However, if you still want to drink coffee at coffee shops occasionally, you can follow these tips!


Choose a Cheaper Coffee Menu

Do you like to sip a cappuccino or a café latte while hanging out at a coffee shop? Why not occasionally try to enjoy a cup of long black that is no less delicious? Or challenge yourself to try something you've never tried, espresso, for example. The price of long black and espresso in every coffee shop is usually much lower than that of cappuccinos and other coffees containing milk. By changing your coffee menu while hanging out, of course, you can save a little. Besides that, you can also enjoy other coffee menus that you have never enjoyed

Share with Friends

Coffee would not be complete without a snack. So to reduce waste when drinking coffee, it's better to share it with friends. If all this time you've been drinking coffee with a cup of Americano plus bread or cookies that you've spent alone, why don't you share it with friends this time? Calculating the cost can be divided by two and is more efficient. In addition, you can save money when ordering single origin with the manual brew method. In some coffee shops, usually, if you order by manual brewing, you can produce two to three cups in one order. So, ordering a single origin that you can share for two will be more economical, right?

The Power of Promo

We never blame anyone who likes to hunt promos. Promos are a smart way to save, and today, there are many variations of promo styles, such as starting from buying one get one free, discounted prices to cashback. We like to stop by a new coffee shop that serves promos. Even though sometimes the taste doesn't suit our palate, at least we can reference a new coffee place, right?

Drink If You Need

We mean to apply coffee discipline if you need a place and need a coffee desire. You can have coffee at the coffee shop if you want a new atmosphere or want to meet someone. The rest, try to brew your coffee. Because coffee because you want it and because you need it, there's a big difference!

So, how about you? Are there other tricks to save money for coffee? Let's tell us your tips too!

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