Tips on Making Your Coffee Better At Home!

You might wonder why you should brew coffee alone if coffee shops already provide great coffee —very quickly. We know that many people like to drink coffee, but few bother to brew it alone.

But did you know there are many fun things if we brew our coffee? We've got a few reasons why every coffee connoisseur should brew their coffee—hopefully, you'll get inspired!


Homemade Coffee is Usually Better

Have you ever felt that self-brewed coffee is different from coffee brewed by baristas at a coffee shop? Yep, sometimes the difference is based on the brewing method and process. This is the first reason: no one knows more about you than yourself; the same goes for coffee. In short, no one understands your coffee taste better than you. Therefore, you usually feel much happier brewing your coffee than elsewhere—and it should be a solid reason not to be lazy to brew for yourself. You are the best barista for yourself!

Improve Brewing Skills

The more you brew coffee, the more perfect the coffee you create. If you are lazy to brew and often cheat with instant coffee, it'll take a long time for you to be proficient in the world of coffee. Pump the spirit to the brim and get rid of laziness far away. Get up early and have everything you need for brewing. Play around with water temperature, water to coffee ratio, and more. Discover the surprise of experimenting when brewing coffee. It's fun, right?

Making Your Own is Much More Economical

It's no secret that brewing your coffee will be much more economical than coffee at a coffee shop. You already have a manual brewing tool of all kinds, so why not just brew it yourself? Just buy a single origin, and you can use it to fulfill your daily brewing routine! Instead of spending a few bucks daily for a coffee from a coffee shop, making your own will save lots of money.

Unlimited Happiness!

Brewing your coffee means that the coffee quota is unlimited! If you want to add one cup, add yourself anytime. If you're going to drink as much coffee as you can, brew it yourself. Brewing your coffee is a kind of unlimited freedom and happiness.

After finally deciding to brew their coffee, novice coffee connoisseurs generally only pay attention to the brewing technique so that the coffee tastes good. Whereas before brewing, you must also consider some essential things. Curious, what are those?


Buy Coffee Beans, not Coffee Powder

Buying coffee beans is essential, especially if you already have a coffee grinder. Imagine eating a fruit that you cut three days ago and are only eating now. That's more or less the freshness of coffee, even though it's not that extreme by analogy. So, start using freshly ground coffee just before brewing; the results will be different!

Storing Coffee Properly

We often neglect coffee storage, whereas coffee not stored in an airtight container will lose its freshness drastically over time. And this will have a significant effect on the brew. Take a look at your favorite coffee shops. How do they store the coffee?

Use 'Good' Water

The essential ingredient of coffee drinks besides coffee itself is water—bad water will result in bad coffee. Coffee shops don't just use random water; they usually use good quality mineral water with a suitable pH. So don't be surprised if your home-brewed coffee is different from the one at the coffee shop, even though the coffee beans are the same. Most probably, one of them is the problem is the water you use.

Pay Attention to the Cleanliness of Coffee Tools

This point is one of the most sacred things you should be aware of. It's useless no matter how great your coffee or how good your brewing technique is; if your coffee tools are not hygienic, they will disturb all existing elements. So, make sure your coffee utensil is clean—from dust, the smell of washing soap, and even the coffee brewing from last night. You can also use a special coffee tool cleaner available according to your needs.

In terms of enjoying coffee, you need to pay attention to the emotional part of enjoying coffee.


First, Pay Attention to Preparation

Don't just pay attention, but see what can be seen from the coffee brewing process —in short, be mindful. Coffee equipment in front of our eyes to pay attention to or the coffee bag can be a unique experience when we understand what is written on the coffee bag.

Feel the Texture

The feeling of brewing your coffee will differ from the coffee served in coffee shops. When brewing your coffee, take a moment to feel the sensation when you touch the coffee beans, coffee grounds, and the coffee equipment used during the coffee brewing process.

Become a Listener

The variety of sounds created during coffee brewing can be a meditation nuance for some people. The distinctive sound of coffee beans grounded with a grinder, the sound of water poured, and the atmosphere of other sounds add to the memorable experience during the coffee brewing ritual.

Enjoy the Aroma

Try to be sensitive to take the impression of each coffee aroma, from the smell of coffee beans when it becomes coffee grounds to the scent when it becomes a serving of coffee in a cup. This difference in aroma invites the senses to communicate with the coffee we brew.

In the end, starting to brew yourself and paying attention to every detail of the preparation to the brewing process makes the impression of enjoying a cup of coffee more thoughtful. The coffee brewing ritual is not just making the coffee ready to go but enjoying every step of the coffee brewing process!

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