Trying Coffee for Beginners, Step by Step!

Choosing Coffee According to Taste for Beginners

Before involving in the coffee industry like this, we used to be novice coffee connoisseurs and were often disappointed with the taste of the coffee we ordered. We thought the coffee shop was wrong, but it turned out our tongues were the ones who needed to understand what we wanted. Instead of always being mistaken in ordering coffee because you need to know what you need, it would be nice to find out what kind of coffee you like first. Then order them according to your taste.


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Bitter or Not Bitter Coffee?

Even though everyone's level of 'bitterness' is different, at least we all know what bitterness is. You can break down coffee into bitterness, full-bodied, burn, and so on. If you don't like the bitter one in question, you should order a coffee drink with milk. We always don't recommend sugar in every coffee; it's not because we are anti, but sugar often changes the original taste and is also not good for health. You can choose drinks such as cappuccino, cafe latte, and flat white. The heated milk 'breaks down' the sugar and perfectly spreads when mixed with the espresso.

If you can't stand bitterness, don't order an espresso, americano, ristretto, or similar black coffees, okay?

Sweet Cold Drinks

If cold milk coffee is still bitter at your bitter level, we suggest ordering cold coffee drinks with certain flavors or syrups. At first, we usually order a Caramel Latte or Vanilla Latte, which, although sweet, didn't take away the taste of the coffee. This sweet cold drink but 'still' coffee can be an alternative if you need caffeine but can't stand the bitterness of coffee. So instead of being disappointed by complaining that the iced cappuccino you ordered is too bitter, let's switch to caramel latte, mocha latte, vanilla latte, and the like.

The "Kick"

We often connote caffeine kick with a bitter drink that gives energy. Many people enjoy coffee just because they want the effect. So, if you are one of these people, you can order beverages such as espresso, double espresso, lungo, or ristretto, or you can also use americano with a double espresso. If you are bored with drinks like that, you can choose a coffee drink brewed manually using robusta beans, which have a higher caffeine content. Or do you want a lot of caffeine in cold form? You can order a cold brew that tastes fresh but not always bitter.

Black Coffee but Not Bitter

How can black coffee not be bitter? It could be, but the bitterness is not gone either. Coffee like this is usually born from coffee beans with fruity, floral, and so on flavors. And, of course, roasted at the light roast level. And yes, you have to brew it manually too. But don't expect the bitter taste to disappear completely, okay? Bitter is there but not dominant. In every sip, you will feel a variety of other flavors, even though this is just black coffee.

Your First Coffee Menu Recommendation


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As a beginner, you must first enjoy 'slightly sweet' coffee. You can't immediately drink black coffee without sugar because you can get shocked and end up not wanting to learn to drink coffee properly anymore. Then, what are some examples of the coffee menu?

Coffee Milk Palm Sugar Less Sugar

Many laugh when beginners order palm sugar milk coffee. In fact, for those who are just learning to drink coffee, this menu can be the 'gateway' to the world of coffee. To make the authentic coffee taste more pronounced, try ordering less sugar. Let the bitter exist, and the sweet does not dominate. Slowly you learn to enjoy coffee with the help of milk and sugar. Next time, you can try another menu again!

Milk Coffee and Its Derivatives

Milk coffee and its derivatives are menus such as cappuccino, caffe latte, flat white, piccolo latte, and friends. Heated milk gives off a sweet taste. But note that sweet doesn't always mean sugar. Those just learning to drink coffee cannot immediately be fed espresso, americano, or other black coffee. After you 'graduate' this level, drinking milk coffee is the right level to enjoy less sugar palm sugar coffee.

Manual Brew

Many say that to influence someone to enjoy black coffee, first introduce them to manual brew coffee. Filter coffee generally presents black coffee that is lighter, fresher, and not only bitter because it is adjusted to the choice of single origin. Try to 'trap' your friend by slowly enjoying a manual brew. Who knows, you will be forever trapped like us in this 'black' world.

3 Priorities Things You Must Have


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If you want to brew coffee, you need coffee. Without coffee, what would you brew? If you don't have any coffee tools at home, you must buy them in powder form. Why? The reason is simple you need a coffee grinder at home. Buy it in powder form, and it is advisable to grind it fine to medium only.

Coffee Grinder

Already have coffee to brew and have a little budget to buy something to improve the quality of your coffee every day at home. So the next thing you have to buy is a manual coffee grinder. Why is a coffee grinder more critical than a coffee brewer? Because by having a manual grinder, you can get fresh coffee every day.

Coffee Brewing Tool

The next part that you must have is, of course, a coffee brewer. Of course, there are many types and varieties of coffee brewing tools. Before deciding, you must determine which coffee you like, espresso base or filter coffee. If you have determined which one you want, decide to buy according to your budget and taste.

So, ready to join this coffee world?

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